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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

I broke up with my physical therapist...or she broke up with me??!! I'm not sure. I was in such disbelief that I could hardly speak.  When I first started going for therapy she talked about how hard it is to break up with some patients.  She said some of them just won't leave; now I understand why...

A few weeks ago I told my therapist that I had 2 more appointments and then that would probably be it...I didn't mean, but yet I did.  Since I have started another job, I realize that taking half a day off each week is probably not the best idea.  It has been about a year since I first started physical therapy.  That is a long time to take time off work, drive 1 1/2 hours one way, and to ride in a car for that long since riding is difficult for me at times.

My therapist has been talking a lot about all the progress that I have made.  It just seemed like the right time to stop going regularly.  But when the time came and she said she thought I was ready, I didn't feel ready at all.  I felt like a little girl whose friend told her not to come back to her house anymore!  I felt like I was not going to see one of my best fiends, a confidant and the best physical therapist a girl could ask for.

As we smiled, hugged and said our goodbyes, it seemed like a dream.  Like one of those many bad dreams I have been having lately.  As soon as I stood in the elevator to leave, I realized that it was all real and the tears began to flow.

So much change in my life now...I don't like it.  My one and only daughter is getting married next week.  And I am happy for them, yet a little sad too.  Even though I enjoy my new construction job, I love my telephone company job and the people I work with and soon I will have to let that go too. 

Although I know I can email, call or visit my therapist at any time, I know things will never be the same again...I will never be the same again.  She is not only a good friend to me, but I believe she changed my life forever.  As a physical therapist she gave me part of my life back that Interstitial Cystitis (IC) had taken away.  If I had not went for therapy, I was headed down a path of being physically unable to walk or do much of anything.

When I was first diagnosed, all I wanted to do was sit or lay on my heating pads.  She encouraged me to walk daily and do stretches.  I thought I would never exercise again, but thanks to her guidance and encouragement I exercise everyday now. Each week she held me accountable for what I did or did not do.

She also encouraged me to look at my diet. I made some needed changes that will be better for my bladder.  It also encouraged me to look at ways to control my IBS through my diet.

But the main thing I love about her is her enthusiasm.  She is excited about what she does and really goes above and beyond her call of duty to genuinely show her patients that she really cares about them. She was the first person that I talked to about IC that didn't have it who seemed to honestly understand it...that alone was amazing in my book!

She is also a Christian.  We openly talked about the Lord and it was so encouraging to me that someone as young as her has such huge faith.  Her Christian influence with stay with me the rest of my life!

And of course her suggestions will too. Drink water, water, water and walk, walk, walk!!
She told me she thought I was ready and her advice was to keep doing what I am doing.  My words to her were few, but I have already told her many times before that I think she was an angel sent by God to me, to never loose her passion for what she does and that I felt such a great connection to her that I know God put the two of us together. 

Thank you Jenna for being such a great friend and an excellent therapist!!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Little Girl

Be hospitable to one another without grumbling.  
As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another,
as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

1 Peter 4:9-10  
Miranda and both of her Grandmothers
Miranda and her sister-in-law to be
I have been planning it for months.  And it finally happened Saturday.  It was so much hard word and so much fun!

A couple months ago I told my daughter that I would plan a wedding shower for her.  Obviously I said that on a day when I was feelin really good!

My daughter, her fiance' and I met one day and decided on the menu.  A couple weeks later we finalized the invitation list.  After buying 3 different types of invitations; I decided  on one and prepared most of them for mailing. We also hand delivered some of them.

My husband cleaned the front porch, cut the grass, went grocery shopping with me, made the rolo, pretzel, pecan thingies, bought and picked up the mums, pumpkins and the Chick fil A platter and so much more.

My future son-in-law ironed the tablecloths (He brought his own iron, for Pete's sake...he is very serious about his ironing!!)  He came over on the day of and did some cleaning for me and went and bought some more pumpkins and mums.  He also went to pick up the cupcakes.  I had ordered cupcakes the day before the shower.  When he went to pick them up; they told him someone else had picked them up.  What??!! Who did they give MY cupcakes too?? Oh well!!   He had to order some more and my daughter picked them up.

My mother-in-law made some delicious pecan muffins.  My sister-in-law helped with the food set up. She cooked the popcorn...and who doesn't love popcorn??!!  My Mom cut the vegetables and helped with the food set up. My best friend sent her punch recipe for "Preacher's Punch" all the way from New York and it was a hit!

What's a party without guests?  We had Aunts and sister-in-laws, Moms and Grandmothers. Two separate families came together, enjoyed some food and had some fun.  We even played some of those silly little bridal shower games.  Miranda was opposed the idea at first, but it turned out to be very entertaining.  One game we played consisted of me asking a list of questions that I had prepared. For example: If you have read your Bible this week, give yourself 2 points.  Whoever had the most points at the end would win a small prize.  At the end we had a two-way tie.  So I asked the tie breaker question.  It was still tied.  I asked another question...guess what...another tie.  I finally said "Ok, you both win!!"  I let both of them pick a prize.  It was a good way to break the ice and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

All in all it was great day.  The weather was perfect and everyone pitched in.  It took so many people joining together for a common cause to make this bridal shower the success that is was.

I wanted Miranda to have a bridal shower that she would enjoy and cherish for years to come.  Although I have been feeling better, there is no way I could not have prepared everything by myself!  If I didn't have IC, I would not have asked for as much help as I did.  Relying on others is not a bad thing.  It is a good way to get to know your family and friends better. 
I cannot survive this IC journey by myself either.  I have to have the help and love of my family and friends just to make it day by day.  Taking on the challenge of IC by myself is hard to imagine.  Every day I trust in the Lord to give me the strength and courage to motivate and encourage others.  I trust that He will use my sufferings for His glory.

We all do crazy things for the ones we love.  Hosting a bridal shower at your house while you have Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is no small undertaking, but I wanted to do it for my daughter.  It is one of many ways that I want to show My Little Girl how much I love her.

Last minute plans before the guests arrive
The bride to be

My sister and my daughter
Me and my two new friends!

My Little Girl!

"Hospitality is sharing what we have and who we are with whomever God sends. Hospitality includes setting aside time for fellowship and being flexible in order to accommodate impromptu gatherings."
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