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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just Keep Going!

There was a very sweet lady in our church.  She was always thinking of others and doing for others.  Even when she started having big health issues, she didn't let it get in her way of serving others.

I can't help but compare my own life and health issues with hers.  She was such an inspiration to me to "just keep going."

There is not a single person alive, that if they live long enough, who will not be faced with difficulties with their health, relationships or finances,etc.  I believe when we are faced with these difficult situations it is similar to coming to a fork in the road.

Are we going to go one way and complain constantly, get mad at God and feel sorry for ourselves all the time? Or are we going to "just keep going," find peace with God and not use all our energy feeling sorry for ourselves.  Neither way is "a walk in the park," but I have faith that if we "just keep going" our journey will be easier.

Doing things you love, surrounding yourself with positive people and having a "can do" attitude make our problems less difficult.  I'm not saying you will be free from pain, discomfort or worry, but things will be easier with a better attitude.

The sweet lady from my church that was always thinking of others passed away this week.  At the funeral my pastor said "By the way Ms. Hazel lived her life, she preached her own funeral."

Those words touched my heart.  I thought what a beautiful way to be remembered. It was obvious that she affected many lives in a positive way, by the vast number of people at her funeral. Many of which stood up and shared a story about what they recalled about Ms. Hazel.

I want to be remembered like that!!   She had a servant's attitude toward others. Instead of "a what's in for me" kind of demeanor.  She showed love to others all of the time.  She had a meaningful relationship with the Lord that she shared with others. And when things got tough in her life she "just kept going!"

She was a special lady and a great model of how a Christian should live their life.  I want to have that loving, servant attitude that "just keeps going" as long as possible!!

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