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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Voice

It finally happened!  When I was first diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC), I begged several doctors for it.  I have cried and cried about it recently, thinking that if I could do it, I would feel normal, that it would help me so much.

I did it and it felt good!  I went to an IC support group meeting.  It was great to be among people who instantly became my friends and part of my IC family.  It was interesting to meet people for the first time and immediately begin to share parts of my intimate life with them...but that's what IC makes you do! 

I am usually quiet around people I don't know and just listen and learn.  Not this time, they were speaking my language. They were sharing stories of their IC history, medications and things that have helped them. 

My life revolves around my IC and these wonderful ladies go through a lot of the same struggles I go through.  I have known all along that I was not crazy and that my trials were real, but to actually meet people who deal with the some of the daily struggles I do, was comforting. 

Not that I am glad they have IC, oh no, I would not wish this on anyone, but that they "get me" and "get them."   We all have had different journeys and there is no "one size fits all" for our treatment.  But encouragement, laughter and sharing was just what this girl has been needing for a long time!!

My church family shares a similar part in my life.  Just as I need my IC family to comfort and cheer me, I need my church family to encourage and strengthen me.  We have church families to build each other up and not to gossip with or start arguments.

My church family has meant so much to me, but especially in the last year and half, since I have had IC.  I have made bonds with people that I cherish.  Some of these bonds would have been made, if I didn't have my IC story to share.

God is using me to share my story with people I would have never known without IC in my life.  I can share about IC and how He has brought peace into my life.

September is IC Awareness month.  I try to make everyone I come in contact aware of IC and the symptoms of IC.  During my support group meeting, I handed out my flyer about IC.  Not because they need to know about it, but maybe it might inspire them to do some type of awareness or maybe they would like to share the information with some of their friends. 

As my fellow blogger, who is part of my IC family pointed out, we don't have a Maria Shiver to spread awareness about our disease, but we do have ourselves. I am the voice of IC awareness.  If you are reading this, even if you don't have IC, you are the voice of IC awareness!!

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