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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Life Is About To Change

This week marked a major change in my life.  My job at the telephone company ended.  I did not want it to end!!  The good news is that I have had a lot of time to adjust to this change.

I have known that it was going to end for about a year now.  I tried to keep it going for as long as possible.  It was the perfect job for me, in this season of my life.  I was able to work from home half of the day and then go in the office for half.  Or if I was having a really bad day, I could work all day from home.  I am convinced that God placed me in that job, so that I could have all that flexibility. 

I didn't want it to end for many reasons, but one of course is that I don't like change. The job I worked at before the telephone company was for a copier dealership.  I worked there for 23 years!

Nope, I don't like change, but each time I have changed jobs, I know that God was guiding my steps.  I am thankful that I already have another job that allowed me to work part-time until the other job ended...again, an answer to my prayers!

I've been thinking about change in general.  I didn't like change before Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and all my other related conditions.  And it is even harder for me physically and mentally to adjust to a new job now...or any kind of change.  But I like my new job at the construction company and God knows what He is doing by having me there.

Not all change is bad...a new baby, a new house, new love...a new life..."My New IC Life."  My life has changed since I have had IC, but I don't want God to take to all my pain away from me.  You may not understand why I say that, but let me try to explain.  I feel more grounded with my pain.  I feel more empathic to others with my pain.  I feel closer to God with my pain!

I know it sounds crazy to want to be in pain, but some days when I feel especially good, I do what is pleasing to me and sometimes not thinking about what God wants me to do.  Then there are other days when I tell God "Oh, remember me saying something about not taking away my pain?"  "Well, I didn't mean that I had to be in this much pain!" 

Someone recently said to me "You have so much faith, but yet He lets you suffer so much." I replied that sometimes our lives change, so that we can learn and grow from it.  I said God has changed my heart.  I wouldn't trade that for not having pain!  "Sometimes pain is the only way we can learn."

Another change that is good is when you change your life and start living for Jesus.  You don't have to "fix" yourself or "change" yourself to be worthy to have Christ in your life.  When we decide to give everything to Him, He changes us!  The guitarist from from the group Unspoken says "God's ability to forgive is much greater than our ability to sin." That sure is a great quote about the amazing power of God! Check out the acoustic version of their song about change by clicking below.

 Unspoken "Who You Are"

One chapter of my life has ended, but a new one has begun.  Sometimes change can be difficult, but sometimes change is exactly what we need! What are your thoughts on this subject?  Leave your comments below.

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