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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Kiss Of Death

Me early in the a.m.
Last Sunday morning, I woke up at 3:45 a.m.   I could not get back to sleep even though I tried for about 2 hours.  I finally decided that I would get up and cook my husband breakfast.  I am not a morning person, so I rarely cook him breakfast.  I thought it would be a nice treat for him.

I desperately wanted to go to church.  After breakfast, I decided to get ready to go to church, instead of trying to fall back asleep.  That was my first mistake....

After church, I went out to eat lunch and then brought groceries.  By 5:00, I was completely worn out.  I laid down to rest, but I fell asleep for about 15 minutes.  I hardly ever take a nap during the day, but this was not a normal day by any means.

The next day at work, I asked a co-worker if he knew that feeling right before you get a cold. He said "yes"  I said "I have that feeling now."  Maybe if I had left work, went straight home and rested and then went to bed early, I would not be sick.  However; instead, I drove for over an hour to go to physical therapy, had my pt session and then met a friend for dinner.  I greatly enjoyed going to pt and meeting my new friend, but I needed to be resting.  Those were the last mistakes I made before I had a full blown cold.

Everyone has colds, but when you have a cold AND Interstitial Cystitis (IC), it makes for a miserable combination.  I'm sure I caught the cold from my husband.  It told me he was sick with one and later that night he kissed me goodnight...the kiss of death!  I later thought about it and said to myself "Oh no, he kissed me and he is sick!"

I have really tried to avoid anyone who has been sick.  When my husband had a stomach virus a couple of weeks ago, I avoided him like the plague.  I thought that a virus AND IC might put me on my deathbed or at least make me wish I could die.

This time I did not do what my body was telling me to do.  Which was to rest,rest, rest.  I pushed my body to limits that I normally wouldn't do even when I feel good.  I am paying the price for it now.  I have a cold and I am miserable. 

My husband felt really bad with his cold for a couple of days and then he felt much better.  I have had mine for 6 days now.  I have felt lousy for several days now already.  But my colds have always been very bad.  I can remember being is school and I would be congested and my throat would be so dry that I would get choked and start coughing so much that I would have to leave the room and get some water.

I have tried to figure out why I am sick now.  I have a lot of stress at work and we all know that stress makes our bodies weak.  Stress can even trigger an IC flare.  Stress alone can make you sick.  But what I am supposed to learn from being sick? 

I have learned that my husband will take care of me when I feel my worst.  I have learned that friends and strangers will tell you that they hope you feel better when you have a cold.  I have learned that I need to always lean on God to help me when I am not strong enough.  When I am not healthy God is there for me.

We all are spiritually unhealthy.  We are all so sick that we cannot make ourselves well.   So like Paul, we will cry out "Who  will rescue me from this body of death?" Romans 7:24.  Our body of death is our sins.  We all need to repent of our sins on a daily basis.  But if you are like me, you think,  I have confessed my sins, I am a Christian.  When Jesus calls us to repent, he is saying that we all think and behave badly on a daily basis. “The time has come,the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1:15.

"Ouch!" that is a hard one.  You mean that try, try as I might that I still sin?  Yep, we all sin everyday.  We are supposed to confess our sins on a daily basis.  If we examine our lives and actions, it is not that hard to see that we all have sin in our lives.  Whether we don't treat others with compassion and love or we overlook a chance to witness to others or we are quick to anger, just to name a few, we all have daily sins.

I thought we could all use a reminder to confess our sins daily, so that God can use us to our full potential.  I also thought I would share this song with you.  It is about having so much on you that you think you can't handle it.  It's true, we can't handle it alone, we need God to give us a hand.  Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we start looking up to God and reaching out to Him.

We're not strong enough to be everything that we are supposed to be without God.  We need to repent of our sins daily and ask God to help us when we feel like we just can't take it anymore, so that we can be everything that He wants us to be.

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