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Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Is God Up To?

Last Sunday my bladder was not happy.  I felt so much pain and pressure in my pelvic area that it was hard to catch my breath enough to be able to walk at times. That night my bladder felt like it was on fire and my back felt like it had knives sticking in it.
I tried a more natural approach to soothe my bladder at first.  I took several long, diaphragmatic breaths and drank some chamomile tea.  I felt sure I was going into a flare.  As I tried to sleep that night, I was in so much pain I had to get up and take a pain pill.  I was able to fall asleep and slept 4 straight hours.  When I woke up the next day, I wasn't in a flare. 

I feel so blessed to have avoided a flare!!  I am also taking Elmiron, the only oral medication that's FDA approved to treat the pain or discomfort associated with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). I am hoping that is why I avoided a flare and why I have been feeling so good lately.  It is a welcomed change.  I'm not going to get overly excited though because I have thought I was on the road to recovery many times only for IC to rear its' ugly head and knock me off my feet.

As I look outside my window today, I see change.  Trees are starting to produce new leaves or blooms.  Flowers are starting to bloom.  People are spending more time outside.  

Most of the time, I don't like change.  However, Spring is one change I dearly look forward to each year.  More greenery, more flowers, more birds and more sunshine.  That is the refreshing change I am eagerly awaiting.

My sweet husband went to physical therapy this week with me.  He learned how to do some of the stretching and trigger point release techniques that my therapist has been doing on me.  It made me feel special that he cared enough to do that for me.

Both my therapist and my husband worked on me Monday.  I was sore afterwards, but I have had so much relief from it all week!  Alan took some time Friday night to do some stretches and trigger point release on me.  Today is Saturday and I feel good.

 Alan asked my therapist, if I should be sitting in the recliner all the time.  My therapist suggested that I need to move around as much as possible and increase my exercise level.  I currently take 2 walks a day for about 7-10 minutes each.  I need to work up to longer walks and increase my stretching exercises and eventually add other exercises.

I have felt good this week, so I have been doing a whole lot better about moving around more and taking longer walks.  That combined with the milder temperatures has made it easier to do. 

He also asked her, if I should be on a heating pad all the time.  She cautioned of over heating the skin and that is never good.  Applying too much heat for too long can cause your muscles to stiffen. Then when you come off the heat you end up wanting more heat because your muscles are stiff and sore.  I told them I would fight them both over my heating pads.  They are not going to take them away from me!

I will try to not be on one as much, but I'm not giving them up yet.  Heat has always been a source of comfort for me.  Warm baths, sunshine and my heating pads all seem to bring a sensation of healing to me.

For many of us with IC or other chronic illnesses, our lives have changed completely.  Some of them are good changes some of them are not.  None the less, they are all changes and people don't like change.

We like to stay in our comfort zone and not step out of the box for any challenges.  But our lives come along and make changes all the time.  Whether it is financial changes, job changes, additions to the family, spiritual changes and the list goes on and on.

Sometime we don't have a choice in the change.  Things change and we must make our adjustments.  Sometimes it is not fun, but it is what is necessary.  I believe our attitude toward change can make a huge difference.  You can either be mad, frustrated and upset or you can embrace the change and make the best of it. Ah! Easier said than done my friend.  Of course it is!! But if you start with a positive mindset and accept the change it will make your journey easier.
God brings change in our lives to help us grow and learn.  I think each of us has to figure out for ourselves why we are going through difficult times.  Even Jesus went through trying times.

Mark 1 :13-14At once the Spirit sent him out into the wilderness, and he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him.
Jesus's misery prepared Him for His ministry.  What about us?  What is God preparing us for in our lives.  Some of us live with misery, difficult times and change on a daily basis.  God is preparing us for something. We have to examine our hearts and pray constantly that God will reveal to us what He has in mind for us.  Change is not easy, but if we rely on God and His care He can put His song in our heart.

I stumbled across this video today.  I had never heard this song before, but I think it is a great song.  Colton Dixon sings it and he was recently on American Idol.  He is also one of the writers of this song.

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