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Sunday, June 9, 2013

How A Kangaroo Saved Me

A couple of weeks ago Alan and I went to Charleston SC. During our trip, we decided to visit the Isle of Palms, SC.  We have been there before and enjoy the small beach community. 

We left the hotel about 10:00 a.m., but we had to make a few stops before going out on the beach.  We needed a new beach umbrella and a book for Alan.  After we made our purchases, we decided to eat lunch.

Then we headed to the small beach island.  It was very crowded because it was a holiday weekend.  Parking along the road, in front of the beach houses, was limited. We finally found a good spot.  It was close to public beach access, so that was even better.

I love the ocean.  I love the relaxing sound of the crashing waves.  I enjoy the warm sand beneath my feet and I especially enjoy the warmth of the sun.  This day was a little cool for me.  It was the earliest time of the year we have ever been on the beach.  I had cold chills periodically.  Yes, cold chills.  There just shouldn't be cold chills while you are on the beach in my opinion!! We walked down the shoreline for exercise.  I even walked in the shallow water for a very few minutes.  That water was cold!! brrr!!

We stayed out on the beautiful, albeit somewhat crowed beach for about 2 hours.  One reason we like this beach so much, is because it is usually not that crowded.

When we were trying to leave the island at about 4:30, apparently many other people were trying to do the same thing.  I was lying down in the back seat because my bladder, legs and bottom were in pain from sitting too long in the car and then sitting on the beach. 

I realized that I had not drank much water, while we were on the beach, so I started drinking a good bit. The line we were in to go to the bridge to leave the island was at a stand still.  Traffic was backed up for miles.  It wasn't a problem for me at first.  I was resting, listening to music and drinking water.  Alan said there must be a wreck on the bridge. After about an hour or so, he decided to follow some other cars to an additional bridge that leads off of the island.  What were the odds that there would be a problem on that bridge too?

We drove behind the other cars, only to file into another long line of cars.  The odds must have been pretty good that day for another wreck, on the other bridge.  After almost finishing most of my water,  I realized I needed the go to the restroom.  By this time, my bladder was hurting even more.  I checked the Garmin (we call ours Judy...get it Judy Garmin??) for the nearest gas station.  It was only 2.5 miles away.  At the rate we were going, we could be there in only about 30 minutes.  I tried to occupy my mind, with the tops of the houses that I could see, making comments about each one we passed by.  In contract to my tactics to try to keep myself calm, firetrucks and other emergency responders were flying by our car and the sirens were loud and scary.  By this point, Alan had cut off the car and let the windows down, but the noise was not helping me.

The line of cars slowly approached a stop sign.  To the left I could see the gas station.  It looked like it might not be open.  We would have to go against the traffic and turn left, but what if it were not open??!!  I looked to the right and saw the bridge!  I said to myself, I've got this!  I said go ahead and turn right the traffic is moving now.  I knew that just across the bridge were many gas stations that I knew would be open.

We were just about to turn right, when a guy and a girl on a motorcycle cut in front of us.  So now I had unbelievable bladder pain, the smell and noise of a motorcycle and again the loud sound of the emergency responders zooming by me.  My hyper-sensitive senses were in overdrive.

We made it half way up the bridge only to come to a complete stop again.  I began to ponder in my mind.  What did we have in the car that was big enough for me to relieve myself in?  There was a cup...maybe it could do the job.  I was gathering up my nerve, but I looked behind me and there was a car with a lady in it, looking right at me.  I have a big beach towel to cover up with and I am a desperate woman, I've got this!

I lost my nerve and was concerned that the cup was not big enough anyway.  I laid back down and began to pray.  Not only for me, but for all the people that were in those wreaks.  I knew that some of them may have been hurt seriously.

My body and mind were frantic.  I told Alan to just stop at the next store, restaurant or whatever.  I was at point where I didn't care.  He said it would be just over the bridge.  I knew I could trust him and his words kept me focused.  To add to all my anxiety, we were going over a drawbridge.  I have a fear of going over bridges, especially drawbridges when I am in a great deal of pain. The fumes from the motorcycle and the noise and the pain were almost just too much!

I stayed focused on his words and then I saw the top of the drawbridge.  I knew I could make it!  A few minutes later we stopped at a Kangaroo convenience store.  I jumped out of the car.  I had already put on my hat and sunglasses, so that I could be incognito. I made a beeline for the ladies' restroom.  I glanced across the store and saw another female headed in the same direction.  Thankfully she stopped at the fountain drinks, so I didn't have to knock her out of my way,lol.  I am also thankful for that Kangaroo!

It hurt so much when I finally did go that I knew that all of it would not come out.  As soon as I reached the car, the tears fell like rain.  Interstitial Cystitis (IC) had made those 3 hours (yes, 3 hours!!) that I was trapped in my own car miserable for me.  After that, I didn't want to go out to eat or anything.  I just wanted to lay down with two of my favorite companions, my heating pad and my other heating pad.

I really had to question myself and God on this one.  Why did this happen?  What good could come from it?  I should have known to go to the restroom sooner.  I should not have drank so much water in stand still traffic.  I have been trying to figure this one out for some time.  I even considered not posting anything about it, thinking it would be too embarrassing.

But I also know that as a child of God, he guides me in every step.  Good times, bad times, there is no circumstance that can come to us, apart from God’s determined purpose for our lives. So I wanted to share it with you.  I should not be embarrassed by this.  Things like this really do happen.  If we share them with one another maybe we can learn from each other. The "fall" that you are going through may be a broken marriage, the loss of a job, health problems or any sort of personal crisis.  Even if we face life changing circumstances, God will not allow us to be destroyed. Nothing can happen that will sever our relationship with Him.

Being strong when we face life's difficult situations can be managed better when we trust God (Oh, there it is again TRUST GOD, see blog post entitled "Trust Him"  God is our rock and from him we receive peace. 

I hope that I learned my lesson that day.  I should always go to the restroom before I leave on a trip, no matter how short I think the trip will be.  And if you have IC like me, I hope you will do the same.  I also found this information on some travel aids  These would be convenient for when life sneaks up on you and you need a little help.  We can also take great comfort in the fact that God is with us even when we are on a drawbridge, behind a loud motorcycle in complete misery, trapped in own car!!

Feel free to share with me your similar experiences or comments below!

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