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Monday, August 19, 2013


Earlier in the week, my husband and I went for a late afternoon stroll.  Alan has a hunting dog and she went with us too.  As soon as we were past our driveway and before our neighbor's drive, his dog started sneaking up on something.  From where we were, we thought it was just a box.  Well that box was about to change our lives.

We were laughing at the dog for slowly creeping up on just a box.  Then we saw the reason for her concern.  It was a puppy!!  A cute, little pup, pup.  Who does that??!!  Who puts a little innocent puppy on the side of the road??!!

I immediately picked her up and held her.  It broke my heart to think that someone would do that to her.  We took her home and feed her and gave her a bath. She slept in a large dog carrier beside the bed.  Alan said she would whine once during the night and he would tell her to hush and she did!

The next day, she slept until I woke up.  I took her outside several times, played with her and picked her up many times during the day.  Then I went work and to church later that night.  I enjoyed her company and wanted to keep her.  Alan asked me what I wanted to name her. He suggested Patches.  I decided on Peaches.

As much as I loved Peaches and wanted to keep her, I knew she was using up too much of the limited energy that I have each day.  I wanted to tell Alan that I didn't want to keep her, but he enjoyed her as much as I did.  So I decided to think about it for another day.

This is Peaches on the day we found her.
When Alan came home, the next day.  He asked me if I really wanted to keep her and I told him that I didn't.  He said a guy from work might be interested in taking her.  A few minutes later, the guy showed up at our house.  As it turned out, it was someone that went to school with us and we had been over to his house a couple of years ago for a Super Bowl Party.

He is a nice guy and he has um...many children.   I think it is 9!!  I was so relieved that my wonderful husband had found a good home for Peaches.  She was the most well behaved puppy we have ever had.  We both miss her, but we know that she is enjoying all the attention she is receiving in her new home.

I think a dog can be a great motivator to encourage you to walk and exercise daily.  However, I know a puppy is too much for me to take care of now.  Some days, I can barely take care of myself!  So I know a puppy would be a responsibility that I don't need now.

If you have Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and other related conditions like I do or go through any difficult times (I think that covers all of us), there may be many things you want to do, but we have to learn to give things up.  Some things are just not worth the energy that we have to use to have them in our life.  

It can be difficult, even heart breaking at times, to give up certain things in our life.  But instead of concentrating on what we can't do or have in our lives.  We should be thankful for all the things that we still can do and that we are still blessed with to have in our life.

I'm not saying it's always rainbows or butterflies for me...oh no,far from it...I'm just saying for the most part I try to concentrate on the good things.  I still have my family, I still have my friends.  I still have blessings in my life and I am thankful for many things. I am also thankful to have met and rescued Peaches or as I called her Peeea-chez!


This is Peaches taking a break

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