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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scare-dee Cat

This year I told Alan that I wanted to celebrate Valentine's day on Saturday instead of Friday.  That way I would hopefully have more time to rest on Saturday before we went anywhere.
Since my hours have been cut at work I decided to give Alan a somewhat crafty gift that did not cost much money.  I gave him some of his favorite candy,some hand warmers for when he goes hunting,a card and included two coupons.  One for a back rub and one for a foot rub...the only catch is that I have to be having a good day for him to redeem them.  He thought it was a cute idea.

Alan's gift minus the angel.

Alan wanted us to try a new seafood restaurant.  It was about an hour and a half away from our home but I was feeling good so we went for it.

It was a seafood buffet.  I do not like buffets...I don't like standing in line waiting to try to get something to eat.  I decided to order from the menu.  I ordered grilled salmon and shrimp.  I didn't really like the salmon.  So I ate my shrimp and baked potato and I was ready to go.  But Alan had ordered the buffet so he was in line for more food when I finished eating.

Before we left I thought I should use the restroom.  There was also a line for that! I decided that I didn't want to know why the one lady stayed in there so long. I thought if I need to go we can stop on the way.  I could not wait to go home!  However Alan wanted to ride closer to the dam that we rode over on the way.  I was game.  It sounded like a fun adventure to me...and it was!

First we went to the left side and I took some pictures of the lights coming off of the dam.  Then we went to the right side and there was a huge deck across part of the water and picnic tables.  I was so excited as we walked to the deck.  Never mind that it was very cold and windy outside.  I wanted to see as much as I could and take some more pictures.
The lights over Strom Thurmond Dam

The deck across the raging water

Alan asked "Are you scared?" "If you fall into that water there is no coming back."  I said "No."  For once in my life I wasn't the scare-dee cat!!!  I was enjoying being out there just the two of us on a new undertaking.
Scar-dee Cat
It reminded me of our trip to The Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon in 2011.  We took off just the two of us on an adventure that we will never forget.  We always talk about going back just because we had so much fun.
Barbara and Alan Hoover Dam 2011
Grand Canyon 2011

The restaurant certainly was not my favorite but spending time with Alan on an adventure afterwards was the most fun I have had in a long time!

Do you have any suggestions on some adventures to try? 
Let me know your thoughts or comments below.

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