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Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Little Angel

I am delighted to report that I think the Epidural Steroid Injection has helped relieve some of the sciatic nerve pain in my left leg.   I will thankfully take one step down on the pain scale any day of the week!

This past weekend there was a large amount of blood in my urine. It really concerned me.  I called the doctor on call at the hospital and he said he could see me the next day.  I went in and gave an urine sample and he said he didn't see any signs of infection.

Monday I called my Urogynecologist and he sent me to the Imagining Center for an IVP.  The young man that was performing the test was very kind and reassuring.  He explained everything that he was going to do step by step. When he told me he would do an IV and inject contrast in my bladder I said MY BLADDDER??!!  I had already told him that I have Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and he understood my concern with putting anything into my bladder.  He told me it would be fine.  I said " Okay, if you are sure, let's do this!"

He was so thoughtful that he called my doctor just to make sure and to put my mind at ease.  My doctor confirmed that she (my bladder) would be fine.  I knew I was in good hands with this guy because he told me that his wife has IC too.  What were the odds of that happening??

He made my visit on that cold, hard table as pleasant as it could be. He wrapped a compression device my belly to help keep the dye in my kidneys.  I told him he was all over my "no touch zone," but I made my mind up to endure not being comfortable to hopefully get some answers about what is going on with me.

Later that day I called the doctor's office for the results. The test confirmed that there were no kidney stones.  When I went to see my doctor he said my urine test strip showed blood, but under the microscope he did not see any signs of infection. He sent the sample to be cultured.  I should know the results on Monday.  My body has become a mystery and we are just trying to figure it out with one clue at a time.

My daughter, Miranda, came over to do some house cleaning for me the next day.  That afternoon at work extreme exhaustion took over my body.  I came home and rested in the bed for a few minutes.  Miranda was close by cleaning so we were able to talk for a few minutes.  

Then she closed my bedroom door a little and began doing different things around the house. I resolved to use this time to hear the sounds that she made and ponder them in my heart. She fed the cats.  I could her the pitter-patter of her cute little feet walking across the floor.  Soon she was off in another room singing.  My heart was exuberant with love, joy and thankfulness. The sound of her singing lifted my spirits.  To me that was my like an angel from heaven singing to me an early Mother's Day gift.

My Little Angel

I decided to take a pain pill and get out of bed and enjoy my alone time with my daughter as much as I could. It was a special time. Even though my body failed me. The Lord blessed my heart with her visit.

Happy Mother's Day to all women.  We are all unique and we all have special talents.  Let's use them to love and serve others just as my little angel did!!

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