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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Old Stomping Grounds

Last Sunday I had an amazing opportunity.  I went with a group from our church to my old stomping grounds.  Into the community where I grew from a baby to an adult...into the neighborhood where I was "born and raised."

I lived in a mill community.  My Mom and Dad both worked in a mill close to our house.  I used to walk to and from school until I was about eleven.  I even remember milk being delivered in a glass bottle to our porch...boy, I'm old!!

Down my street and across the highway there was an restaurant that served ice cream.  They may have even served other things like food and drinks, but all I remember was the ice cream. I was always trying to save enough money to buy ice cream cone.

My best friend and I used to have yard sales, talent shows (really??) all to raise money for ice cream or candy.  Oh, yes there was a company drugstore that had a  small grocery store in the back.  It had a glass case filled with all sorts of candy like Tootsie Rolls, Bazooka Bubble Gum and Sixlets!  Each piece was only a penny.  Yes, only one penny!!

When I was older I started "hanging out" at the Post Office.  Hey, don't judge me!  It was were all the older kids with"street smarts" hung out.  And I thought I fit in perfectly.  And of course I did until my Mom would come to the end of our street and yell for me to come home.  How embarrassing!!!

We went into the community that our church is in to do a short survey.  To find out what the community thinks some of the needs are and what we as a church can do to help with those needs.  We literally went from house to house and door to door. 

If you remember last Sunday was when daylight savings began.  It was the worst day of the year when you lose ONE WHOLE hour!  I was tired all day and I tried to take a nap more than once, but I couldn't fall asleep!

So exhausted little ole me went to walk the streets just like I was a normal, healthy human being.  Our group of ladies went up and down about twelve, steep flights of stairs to ring the door bell or knock on every door we could.  My group was kind enough slow down their pace so that I could keep up with them.

I had been praying about this opportunity for my church for weeks.  I was pretty sure that was all I would be capable of doing.  Walking that much seemed liked it would be impossible for me to do.

As it turned out I did it and I wasn't even sore the next day from walking or climbing steps.  In fact I was fine!  I was truly amazed and thankful.  We were able to reach a few families who seemed to have some real interest in our church and others just had some general questions.

Many times there are outreach opportunities in my church that I think I will not be able to be a part of at all. Sometimes I am just so mentally and physically exhausted that I'm not sure how God can even use me.  But as I grow in my walk with the Lord (pun intended)  I hope that I will be blessed to be a part of more opportunities to serve Him.  I'm glad I had the strength to get out of my comfort zone and show love for church, my heavenly Father and the community that means so much to me.