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Monday, April 14, 2014

No Mama

It was 6:31 a.m.and my phone rang. There is never good news on the other end when your phone rings at such an early hour. Especially at my house. Most of my family and friends know that I have trouble sleeping, so I am a late riser. Come to think of it I have always been a late riser by nature.

On the other end was my daughter. She was at the Emergency Room with pain and nausea. She has had this a couple times before and she pretty much knew it was another kidney stone. She woke up about 3:00 am in pain and knew she needed to see a doctor.

She called me and asked if I could come up there. As I was getting dressed to go meet her and her husband at the hospital, I was texting her husband and asking various questions. I asked if she needed anything and what time he had to go to work.

He then called me and told me that she had thrown up and her pain level dropped to about a five. I said that I still wanted to go to the hospital. He said that she was feeling much better now.

A few minutes later she called me and I told her I was on my way up there. But she said in that certain tone that I know she really means it, “No Mama.” She said she shouldn't have even bothered me and that she doesn't have as much pain and that she will be fine.

I didn't like it, but I decided not to go. I went back to sleep, so I could rest some more before I went to work. I sent her husband a text about 10:00 and asked if they were at home now. He said that they were still there waiting on the lab work and the results from the CT scan.

She spent almost seven hours in the Emergency Room. They said she had a kidney stone and a UTI. I said did her urine culture came back positive? I was told yes, but I have my doubts. They put her on an anti-biotic anyway. I just hope that they put her on the right anti-biotic, so that she will be feeling much better in a couple of days.

Later that evening, after work, I went to their house to check on my “little girl.” I stopped at the store and bought her a little care pack that included a stuffed pink Easter bunny, a fun little metal bunny with a bell and a heat wrap for the pain.

It wasn't much, but I just wanted her to know that I loved her, that I was thinking of her. I also understand what it is like to be in pain. It was somewhat difficult to hear “No Mama” when I wanted to go take care of my one and only “little girl.”

But she is grown and has someone else that takes care of her now. It is similar to we decide to let Jesus in our heat, start studying His word and have a close prayer relationship with Him. Then we grow closer in our walk with Him. And He is always there by our side to take care of us.

As a believer starts maturing in their daily walk with Him, the things of the world don't seem as important. Our priorities change and we become more humble and want to share the Gospel with others. When we share with others it is important that we don't “get in the way.” Just as I don't need to “get in the way” of Miranda's husband taking care of her.

My daughter is maturing and things that used to matter to her don't matter anymore.  But I am glad she has someone to take care of her and always be by her side: Me, Jesus and her husband!

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